Stevia of India

Stevia Rebaudiana is native to Paraguay and Brazil in South America. Stevia is the Genus. Rebaudiana is the species name. Only this species has the highest contains of sweet glycosides making this `sweet leaf´such a useful and amazing herb. Stevia leaf is 15-20 times sweeter than sugar and leaves are powdered which gives you a green stevia powder.

Stevia´s most notable feature is, its sweet taste. It is non-woody herb with somewhat stiff and brittle stems. Stevia leaves are small and narrow, notched on the end. Plants reach about 2-3 feet in height. Stevia blossoms are white and tiny. Stevia is a tender perennial herb and it is the case in some part of India and Bangladesh.

Stevia flower

Fortunately, the long summer days in India and Bangladesh are an advantage for growing Stevia. Stevia plants grown at high latitutes with more daylight will have more leaves and a higher percentage of sweet glycosides.

Stevia will grow on most soils, but prefers a sandy loam or loam, high in organic matter. Stevia likes consistently moist soil but not watered logged. Except in the case of very sandy soils, raised growing beds provide ideal conditions.